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The Site is being launched on the EVE of EID,  2013 .

Eid shall be on Thursday August 8, 2013, the First day of Shawal, 1434 AH.  Muslims are celebrating 1434 years of the Liberty and Freedom delivered by the Quran. ARE THEY??? Do they even know what Eid is all about???

The founders of the new Islamic State in Medina celebrated liberty from the shackles of the Priests and Rabbis. But it was a lot lot more than that. The New Islamic State in Medina celebrated One Authority —The Authority of Allah, The God of The Sate who Law reigned supreme. Wealth of the State was equally shared by all citizens irrespective of gender, race, caste, color or creed. The State took care of all the needs of its citizens. Women enjoyed equal rights with men. The Priests who tried to run their parallel government in the name of God were declared Mushrikeen and were banished from the State. It marked the end of priesthood, the death of capitalism, and the death of all human authority. Mankind thrived under a Rule of Law. Jewsm Christians, Hindus, Buddhists all enjoyed total freedom to celebrate their cultural and traditional rites. Such was the Islamic State once. “

Alas today this Message of the Quran has been long lost in mistranslations and hateful interpretations of the Quran by the Clergy.

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“”” EID was once recognized as  “Celebration of The Quran”.   Today it is known simply as the Islamic holiday.  On this auspicious Islamic holiday of Eid, mankind received enlightenment through the charter of human liberty , The Quran, whose revelation started in the month of Ramadan some 1450 years ago. Islam liberated mankind from the Shackles of Religion and Exploitation. A new government was established in Medina, a government that celebrated the Law of God, a government that guaranteed its citizens freedom from all their needs. The lost Paradise of the children of Adam was regained. Eid is the celebration of this liberty. The government acted as the good mother and took care of all the needs of the citizens who embraced its ideology and embraced Peace–Islam. A rule of law where every citizen enjoyed an equal share in the wealth of the state was the democracy of  Islam. Mankind harkens for such a government. “””” Asarulislam Syed, excerpt from a speech on Shalimar Radio.
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