Aabid Bilal is a Pakistani citizen, a graduate from National College of Arts Lahore. He is self employed and works as a Consultant in Architecture and interior design in Lahore.

Aabid Bilal is a celebrated artist and painter . An enlightened liberal who believes in equality and equal opportunity for all citizens of Pakistan, Aabid Bilal is a Quranist Muslim with no sectarian affiliations. He is deeply committed to the cause of bringing enlightenment to Pakistan.




Lucky-Khan-2Liaquat Khan also know as ‘Lucky Khan’ is a Pakistani who lives mostly in Lahore Pakistan. Liaquat is involved with the local chapter of the Islamic Center in Los Angeles. A Radio Broadcaster on Shalimar Radio Los Angeles, Liaquat is a man of letters, a poet and a Journalist. Liaquat Khan is a liberated Quranist Muslim and believes in voluntary work for the cause of bringing enlightenment to Pakistan.




Arshad-Kazmi22Arshad Kazmi, Journalist, Talk Show Host, Cameraman, Video Editor, Studio man,  and international traveler. His talents are a great asset to the team committed to transform minds to think.