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  1. salam.
    I am here with the computer net after a long time. I checked this site and was glad too much.
    And the words for that, I thought alot but failed every time that how to explain my feelings for this.
    I am so happy and I wish that Dr. sahab keep it continue not for getting popularity but the service of the public and all our brothers.
    Thanks to all

  2. Sir,
    How r u? Thanks for rectification. When r u coming to India.Please inform at ur earliest.

  3. Aoa Sir… Really I have No Word To Expalin My Feelings About Your Mission…This is Really Great… God Bless You… I also want to work under the JPP-Flag…I am already involved in Education Field & Running a High School…And Now I wish..I could do it With JPP….InshaAllah

  4. Dr Asarul islam sir i heard in your lecture that you are against pervaizi.. do you mean pervaiz ahmed? i am reading his books as per your guide line
    please clarify this one thanks

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