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Quran lectures are hosted by Asarul’Islam Syed, Pakistani-American neurologist and psychiatrist from Bakersfield, California. He was a pupil of Pakistan’s most renowned Quranic scholar and thinker, Ghulam Ahmed Pervez. The lectures are archived on QuaideAzam website and are popularly known as Asarulislam Lectures on iTunes. Asarul’Islam delivers the rational message of The Quran from Shalimar Radio in Los Angeles every Saturday at noon.

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“God is not shy to use metaphors of insects or of highers forms of life to explain His Message. The Pioneers who believe in the success of Quran’s ideology get the Message being conveyed though these metaphors but those whose are in a state of denial about the realities of Life, ask : “What could God mean by these?” Many deliberately misguide themselves and many attain enlightenment. Nobody misinterprets God’s Message but those who suffer from an elitist mentality, who believe in social classes and who divide mankind into religions. ‘

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