Haroon Rashid Sahib

Haroon Rashid Sahib

Haroon ur Rashid : A Canadian citizen, now living in a suburb of Toronto, he hails from Pakistan. Born in 1933, Mr. Haroon ur Rashid has been and active Quranist and scholar. He has enjoyed the company of Allama Inayatullah Khan Al-Mashraqi and is a former Khaksar worker. Commissioned  in Pakistan Navy, he has  worked in operations related to weapons,explosives, bomb disposal, mine sweeping and use of anti-submarine equipment. During 1965 war he played a role in Harbor Defense stationed at Pakistan Naval Headquarters. In 1971 war he was deployed at the sea to defend CHURNA ISLAND AND ORMARA HILLS. Upon his retirement in April of 1981 he worked as a Naval Skipper for two years. His job involved fish resource survey of Makran coast and Sindh delta. Subsequently he joined Saudi Marine Coast Guard, and served for 11 years, Captaining a craft for search and rescue operation. He has traveled a lot in his Naval journeys visiting Colombo, Singapore, Aden, Jeddah, Cairo, Istanbul, Malta, Gibraltar, London, and Beirut. He has attended courses related to Defense in Turkey and UK.  A son of a teacher, he graduated in social sciences from Karachi University, he studied Islam through direct contact with scholars like Syed AbulAla Maudoodi , Ghulam Ahmad Parvaiz,  and Allama Inayatullah Al-Mashraqi. A Canadian citizen since 2000, he has 5 sons and 2 daughters,  all married.  “I am highly moved by the movement of JPP launched by Dr.Asarulislam Syed and by his thought provoking lectures related to human rights for the noble cause of PEACE in the world,” he says.


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