By donating to Jannat Pakistan you instantly become a catalyst of progress because through your donation, we are able to:

  • Reach young men and women that are being targeted by terrorist organizations to carryout war crimes against the innocent.
  • Address and correct the myths and lies being taught to the world about Islam and the Quran.
  • Build strong networks of support for men and women seeking asylum from terrorist controlled regions and towns throughout Pakistan.
  • Build strong networks of education for men and women seeking a faith that respects all races, religions and creeds.

How much to give?

Our goals are large but our sales pitch is weak. Give what your heart tells you is appropriate. After clicking the button to the right, it will bring you to a page via Paypal allowing you to place a donation of any size. Even if $1 is all you can afford, it is $1 more toward achieving our goals and we thank you.

Jannat Pakistan is a Religious Corporation in the State of California, organized under the Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law exclusively for religious purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code.

Date: 10-31-2012
EIN: 46-1299989